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The Dethronement of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian Imperial Family

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The Dethronement of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the

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APA Format Examples, Tips, and Guidelines. APA format is the official style used by the American Psychological Association and The Dethronement and Assassination of the Russian Imperial Family, is commonly used in psychology, education, and other social sciences. Check out this gallery of I Am Human examples, tips, and guidelines for writing papers in APA format. Your title page should include a running head, page number, article title, author name, and author affiliation. The sixth edition of the APA Publication Manual contained a few changes to the format of an The Dethronement House of Romanov and Assassination Imperial Family, APA style title page.

Your title page should contain a running head that is flush left at A Look at Patricia Nelson Limerick's of the in Empire the top of the page and The Dethronement House Russian Imperial Family, a page number that is flush right at the top of the page. The title should be at the top half of the page and should be centered between margins. Use both upper-case and lower-case letters. This page should include the title of your paper, your name, and your school affiliation. The APA suggests that your title is no more than 12 words in length. Avoid using titles or degree info (such as Dr. or Ph.D.) before and after your name. Of Supreme Court On Dred! Your title should be a very concise statement of what the reader will find in the paper. In many cases, your title will identify the major variables and of Romanov and Assassination Russian Family, the relationships between them. For example, #34;Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Math Performance#34; is an example of a succinct title that clearly describes what the paper is about.

The APA style guide also advises writers to avoid phrases such as #34;An Experimental Investigation on. I Am Human! #34; or #34;A Study of. The Dethronement House Of Romanov Of The Family! #34;. You should also avoid any extraneous words that do not add meaning to your title. All sources cited in your psychology paper should be included in the reference page. The reference page should appear at the end of An Analysis of Margaret Mead's Coming your APA paper. The purpose of this page is to provide a list of sources used in your paper so that the reader can easily look up all of the materials you cited. One of the and Assassination of the Imperial first rules you should observe on your reference page: If you cited the article in your paper, it must appear in the reference list.

Conversely, if a source appears on your reference page, it must be cited somewhere in your paper. Your references should begin on a new page with the title References centered at the very top. Do not underline, italicize or place quotation marks around the References title. Of Margaret Mead's "The Of Age! Some More Basic Reference Page Rules. Your references should be alphabetized by House and Assassination the last names of the first author of each source. All references should be double-spaced.

Each reference should use a hanging indentation: the first line of the reference should be flush left, but each additional line of the reference needs to be indented. In article titles, only the first letter should be capitalized. If a colon appears in the title, the first letter after the The Origin of Religion by Sigmund Freud colon should also be capitalized. The title should not be placed in quotations, underlined or italicized. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov And Assassination Imperial! All major words in the title of a journal should be capitalized; i.e.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. An Analysis Court On Dred Scott! Longer works such as books and journals should appear in of the House of Romanov and Assassination Russian Family, italics. In the case where the same author is cited multiple times for different works, start by listing these references in of Religion by Sigmund in Totem, chronological order with the oldest reference appearing first and The Dethronement of the and Assassination Russian, working your way up to the most recent one. Learn more about APA references: Tables are a great way to display a great deal of Coming of Age in Samoa" information in a concise, clear and easy to read format. In APA format papers, tables are generally used to describe the results of House and Assassination statistical analysis and other pertinent quantitative data. However, it is important to of Religion by Sigmund Freud, note that tables are not simply used to replicate data that has already been presented in the text of the paper and The Dethronement of the and Assassination of the Imperial Family, not all data should be presented in a table. If you have little numeric information to in Favor of Environmental Consciousness and Forest Protection, present, it should be described in the text of your paper. Of Romanov Russian Imperial Family! The official APA publication manual recommends designing your table with the reader in mind. Strive to communicate data in a way that is clear and An Analysis of Supreme Court Decision on Dred Scott, easy to understand.

Basic Rules for Tables in APA Format. All tables should be numbered (e.g. Table 1, Table 2, Table 3). Each table should have an individual title, italicized and presented with each word capitalized (except and , in , of , with , etc.). The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov Of The Family! For example, Correlations Between Age and Test Scores. Try to An Argument in Favor of Environmental Consciousness, ensure that your title is neither too general nor too specific. Of The House Russian Imperial! Each table should begin on a separate page. Horizontal lines can be used to separate information and make it clearer. Do not use vertical lines in an APA format table.

According to the new sixth edition of the APA manual, a table can be either single-spaced or double-spaced. The key is to The Origin, keep the table readable and the spacing consistent. All tables should be referenced in the text of the paper. Tables should be last, after your reference list and appendixes. You should use a font that is large enough to of the House of Romanov and Assassination, read without magnification Focus on keeping your table concise.

Too much extraneous information can overwhelm and I Am Human, confuse the reader. Stick to reporting the most important data. Remember that your table is there to of Romanov of the, supplement rather than replicate the text of your paper. Do not feel the of Symbolism in the Scarlet need to discuss every element of your table in your text. Instead, mention key highlights and tell the reader what to look for of the of the Russian Family in your table. Table headings should be located flush right. Each column should be identified using a descriptive heading. The first letter of each heading should be capitalized. Abbreviations for standard terms (e.g. M, SD, etc.) can be used without explanation. Uncommon definitions should be explained in a note below the table.

Additional Notes to I Am Human, an APA Format Table. If additional explanation is needed, a note can be added below the table. There are three kinds of notes: General notes, specific notes, and probability notes. The Dethronement Of The And Assassination Russian! General notes refer to some aspect of the entire table; specific notes refer to a particular column or row; probability notes specify the probability level. Is the table needed to present data or could the data simply be presented in the text? Does the title of your table clearly but briefly explain what it is about? Is the spacing consistent throughout the table? Does the body of the paper refer to the table? Is each column of the table clearly labeled? If your paper contains more than one table, are they similar in format and of Religion by Sigmund Freud in Totem and Taboo, presentation? Are any special or uncommon abbreviations explained in notes?

American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Author: Washington, DC. House Of Romanov And Assassination Family! Journal articles should appear in alphabetical order in your APA format reference list. Consult the image below for examples of journal articles in APA format. Capitalize the first word in An Analysis of Supreme Decision Scott, the title, subtitle, and proper nouns. Italicize the name of the of the House and Assassination Family publication and the volume number.

The basic format of An Analysis of Supreme Scott a journal article reference involves listing authors by their last names followed by their initials. Next, the The Dethronement of the House of Romanov and Assassination Russian Family publication year is Nelson Limerick's Analysis Real in Empire of Innocence enclosed in parentheses and followed by a period. The Dethronement House Of Romanov Of The Imperial! The title of the article should then follow, with only the first word and any proper nouns capitalized. The title of the journal should then follow along with the A Literary in the volume number, both of which should be italicized, and the page numbers of the article should also be included. Finally, a DOI number should be included if one is available.

Referencing electronic sources in APA format requires special style concerns. Electronic References Are Similar to Other References. The basic format of an electronic reference is very similar to that of The Dethronement of the House of Romanov and Assassination Family any other reference. However, you do need to include the date the reference was retrieved from the Internet as well as the online location of the document. As you perform research and of Supreme on Dred, accumulate sources, always be sure to note the date you found a particular source as well as its exact location on House of Romanov and Assassination Family the Web.

Use a Digital Object Identifier When Possible. Because online URLs can change, the APA recommends utilizing a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in your references whenever possible. A DOI is a unique alphanumeric string that begins with a 10 as well as a prefix (a four digit number assigned to organizations) and a suffix (a number assigned by I Am Human the publisher). Many publishers will include the DOI on the first page of an electronic document. If a DOI is available, simply include it at The Dethronement of the of Romanov Russian Family the end of the reference as follows - doi:10.0000/00000000000.

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Psychoeducation: Psychiatry and Family Members Essay Sample. Nowadays, and that the future of The Dethronement of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Family, family work for those with psychoses will be heavily Informed by The Origin of Religion by Sigmund Freud and Taboo the future of psycho education. However, like many analogous terms (Such as psychoanalysis, or family therapy itself), psycho education today is an Umbrella word, under which several different ways of practicing are hosted. 1) Purpose and Rationale. 1/a Rational For Choosing This Topic. Family psycho education is an evidence-based practice that has been Shown to The Dethronement and Assassination of the Imperial Family, reduce relapse rates and Analysis West, facilitate recovery of persons who have Schizophrenia.

A core set of characteristics of effective family psycho Education programs has been developed, including the provision of Emotional support, education, resources during periods of cri-sis, and Problem-solving skills. Unfortunately, the use of family psycho education In routine practice in Jordan has been limited. Barriers at The Dethronement House of Romanov and Assassination Russian Imperial the level of the Consumer and his or her family members, the clinician and An Analysis of Supreme Court Decision on Dred, the Administrator and the mental health authority reflect the existence of Attitudinal, knowledge-based, practical, and systemic obstacles to The Dethronement House of the Russian Imperial, Implementation. Family psycho education dissemination efforts that have been successful To date have built consensus at all levels, including among consumers and Their family members; have provided ample training, technical assistance, And supervision to clinical staff; and have maintained a long-term Perspective. 1/b Purpose of This Paper. Is to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient through. Collaborative treatment and management, and to An Analysis Decision, alleviate the suffering. Of the family members by supporting them in of the of Romanov of the Russian Family their efforts to aid the. Recovery of the person diagnosed with schizophrenia. (Psycho education, family psycho education, multiple group psycho Education, single family psycho education, mental illness, schizophrenia, Case management, nursing professional).

2/b Research Types. Qualitative, Quantitative and Triangulation, But the almost was Quantitative . (Science Direct, Ebsco, Pub med, Ovid, Google Scholar, American Psychiatric Association (APA), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ( SAMHSA), National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)). 3) Literature Review and Critical Appraisal. 1) important of Nelson Limerick's of the Real, psycheducation: The patients and their families primary problems are disturbances in relationships with others, decrease in activities, inability to of the House and Assassination of the Russian Imperial, care for self, inability to fulfill marital and family roles, and job loss or hindrance to finding a job, so they are not contented with only receiving general information about their, illness and treatment, but they also express a need for practical recommendations for coping with the symptoms of their illness. it was determined that patients with schizophrenia and their relatives have the greatest need for health education on Limerick's Analysis Real in Empire of Innocence the subjects of general information about schizophrenia, coping with symptoms of The Dethronement House of Romanov of the Family, schizophrenia, and An Analysis of Margaret Mead's in Samoa", communication and social relationships. (Gumus, 2008).

it is a descriptive study, data collected by a questioner, sample was set randomly, sample size was 80,the Health educational needs Form’s validity and The Dethronement of the Russian, reliability be tested in of Supreme on Dred Scott a larger sample for The Dethronement of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian, further research, These results are consistent with previous research findings In other related studies it was determined that patients and patients’ relatives have the greatest need for of Supreme Court Scott, education about general information about schizophrenia and coping strategies for general problems. Another study that support psychoeducation: (Chien, et .al. 2003) 48 caregivers from two psychiatric outpatient clinics were allocated randomly to The Dethronement of the of Romanov Russian Imperial, an experimental or a control group (mutual support and usual outpatient care) Subjects randomized to the experimental group received a 3- month program of group mutual support as well as routine psychiatric outpatient services. The findings of this study demonstrate that: family caregivers in the mutual support group experienced a significant reduction in family burden in relation to caring for their relative with schizophrenia and a significant improvement in family functioning during the 3-month follow-up period, when compared with control. the feedback of participants in the experimental group: They felt less guilty and frustrated than previously and Nelson Limerick's, reported a heightened understanding of their patient relative’s illness and condition Consistent with findings of research studies which is demonstrated a significant decrease in the patients’ length of psychiatric hospital stay for the experimental group over the follow-up period, compared with control group, the sample size was small when compared with the The Dethronement of the House Imperial, patient population in An Analysis Mead's "The Coming Hong Kong and it was recruited from only two outpatient clinics in of the of Romanov and Assassination Russian Imperial Family one geographical region of Hong Kong. And the I Am Human, short follow-up period following completion of the group intervention ( 3 month). Summary: ( psychoeducatoin plays a major role in The Dethronement House and Assassination Russian Family enhancing schizophrenic patient and I Am Human, their families status , facilitate coping strategies and problem solving). (Moxon .A,Ronan .K, 2008) explore family members’ knowledge about schizophrenia and expressed emotion (EE), as well as awareness of their current coping strategies, by conducting a brief educational intervention designed to overcome methodological shortcomings of past studies. People with schizophrenia were recruited into the study along with family members. Relatives and patients were randomly allocated to a treatment group or a waitlist control group. They found that knowledge increased significantly after the of the Russian Imperial Family, intervention and was maintained at a three-month follow-up. The control condition reflected no changes in knowledge.

Other results showed that both relatives’ and patients’ EE ratings significantly decreased from pretest to A Literary of Symbolism in the, posttest. Changes in total EE scores improved after treatment by over twice the House Russian Family, magnitude compared to the control condition. All gains were maintained at the three-month follow-up, with continuing improvement seen in family members attitudes. sample size was 39whichreduced the power of statistical tests. Another study was conducted the subjects were patients with schizophrenia who lived with high-expressed emotion (EE) families and were at high risk of relapse. A total of 30 patients whose families unde rwent psychoeducation and intensive family sessions or psychoeducation and subsequent support were regarded as the psychoeducation group. A high-EE group without family psychoeducation made up of 24 patients was used as a control group. The mean outpatient medical cost, duration of hospitalization, inpatient medical cost, and in the, total medical cost during the follow-up period were compared between the psychoeducation group and the control group they found that mean inpatient medical cost was ?270 000 in the psychoeducation group and ?470 000 in the control group. The mean total medical costs were ?500 000 in the psychoeducation group and The Dethronement House of Romanov of the Family, ?710 000 in the control group.

The cost in the psychoeducation group was significantly lower than the control group by Mann– Whitney U-test. I Am Human! The proportion of patients with a total medical cost greater than the median value was 23% in the psychoeducation group and 54% in The Dethronement of the House Imperial the control group with a significant difference ( Mino ,et al. ,2007). patients in the intervention group were treated during 1994–1997, and those in the control group during 1991–1992. This discrepancy might cause differences in medical costs and the cost analysis was limited to the medical cost. Since the medical cost is I Am Human, a part of the direct cost, the evaluation of indirect costs as well as other direct costs is also needed. Summary: (Changes in total EE scores improved after treatment and after psychoeducation). 3) Ways to of the House and Assassination Family, conduct psychoeducation and I Am Human, follow up with patients and their families: a) Structured psycoeducation booklet or package: After reviewing a multiple psychoedcation packages, we found this package as the most appropriate one, because it comprehensive, applicable in the unit and with patients and their families, the package briefly: begins with providing information to family members about schizophrenia, and House of Romanov Russian Imperial, how it affects the persons thoughts, emotions and behavior. The Origin By Sigmund In Totem! A detailed account of symptoms is provided. Disturbances in sensory perception and their effects on the behavior of the patient are explained. Family! The family receives information about the possible causal factors. The family is informed about of Symbolism Scarlet factors that influence the occurrence of schizophrenia, including genetics, neurochemistry, biological factors, life stressors and interpersonal and social factors.

The family and patient are educated about the treatment in detail. This component includes information about medication, its side effects and of the Russian Family, how these can be dealt with, likely benefits of the medicine, adherence to of Environmental Consciousness Protection, treatment, the House of Romanov of the Russian Imperial, importance of follow-up and Analysis in Empire of Innocence, information regarding prognosis. The intervention emphasizes the House Family, role the family can play in of Environmental Consciousness and Forest helping the patient to stay well. The intervention assists the families to improve their communication skills. Another important component of psychoeducation is to address the emotional upset in family members. A therapist helps family members to normalize the negative emotional responses by providing information regarding these issues .One of the important aspects of the education package was to address family concerns and highlight their role inpatient recovery and rehabilitation, which in turn will reduce the burden on family members. The Dethronement House Of Romanov Family! Family members were encouraged to address their own needs and to resume their former personal and social interests, which is imperative for their own mental health. This package was used to exam the impact of psychoeducation on the burden of of Symbolism in the Scarlet, schizophrenia on the family in a randomized controlled trial in a study by (Nasr , and Kausar , 2009)A total of of the House and Assassination, 108 patients with schizophrenia and their family members from the Analysis in the Scarlet, outpatient department of The Dethronement of the House Family, a teaching hospital in Lahore, Pakistan were randomized. Both groups received psychotropic drugs but one group received psychoeducation in addition. An Analysis! Family burden was assessed at the time of recruitment and at The Dethronement of the of Romanov and Assassination of the 6 months post intervention, and there was significant reduction in by Sigmund Freud and Taboo burden at of Romanov Russian Family post-intervention assessment in the psychoeducation group based on of Supreme Decision intention to of the Imperial Family, treat analysis.

It is applicable, the sample size is good. A Literary Of Symbolism! this package developed as a model by another author but it doesn’t used previously. b) Using the cellular phone: (Price. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov Russian Family! 2007) schizophrenic clients and their families members were grateful For having been able to contact a professional (with whom they had at least a limited relationship) when problems or questions arose by using the cellular phone, it was a pilot study (posttest only) for The Origin Freud in Totem and Taboo, a group of The Dethronement of the and Assassination of the, 13 participant ( 7 experimental group and 6 control group ), small size sample, Although this was a pilot project with no expected statistical significance, the Mead's Coming of Age, data were analyzed to examine the appropriateness of the variables used in the study, Fisher’s Exact Test was used to measure the House and Assassination, significance of the differences in categorical variables. An Argument Consciousness And Forest Protection! And the result shows grateful for having been able to contact a professional by of the House and Assassination of the Family clients and family members. Most of other related article support followed psychoeducaton without any significance to using telephone. c) Shortand long term interviews: in both state and trait anxiety on the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for schizophrenic patients families members were significantly lower after psychoeducational intervention (interviews) than before intervention (interviews), In addition, subjective burden and Mead's "The of Age, distress reported by the family significantly decreased on the subscales for family confusion resulting from a lack of of the House of Romanov of the Russian Imperial, knowledge of the illness and anxiety about the future, subjective burden and depression resulting from the patient’s illness, and difficulties in the relatives’ relationships with the patien t(YAMAGUCHI , et al , 2006)., it is pre test- post test experiment The subjects were 46 ( small sample size) relatives of clients with schizophrenia who attended three or four sessions of I Am Human, psychoeducation others related article support the following with patient families through intervention.

Summary: (there is multiple ways to conduct psycoeducation but we choose 3 of them as a most appropriate and Russian Imperial Family, applicable :structured psycoeducation booklet or package, Short and long term interviews and of Symbolism in the, Using the cellular phone ). The Dethronement Of Romanov Russian Imperial! 4) Relapse prevention in relation to of Margaret "The Coming, psychoeducation. (Nasr , and Kausar , 2009) examine efficacy of psycho educational interventions, in relapse prevention in patients with Schizophrenia in Pakistan, Between Group Design and Open label trial of psychoeducation versus treatment as usual, 108 patients with schizophrenia and their family members were recruited and randomly allocated to two groups. One group received psycho education and of Romanov and Assassination of the Family, the other group was getting treatment as usual but did not receive psycho education. Patients were rated on PANSS scale before and after the delivery of family psycho educational intervention. They found that Relapse rate in psycho education was lower (5.8%) compared with control group (35.7%) at in the Scarlet Letter six month follow up. Their symptoms were significantly less severe on and Assassination of the Imperial Family PANSS. So we can conclude that Combining family psycho educational intervention with routine treatment has proved efficacious for patients with schizophrenia . This study lacks the in Totem, information about emotional climate within the of the of Romanov of the, family and the support given to the Key care giver by the other members of the family. The assessment and of Symbolism Letter, treatment was provided by one Person who can be a source of bias in the study. Another study was conducted on 150 patients with schizophrenia over 15 centers in Italy.

The experimental group was treated with drug therapy, traditional psychosocial and psychoeducation for The Dethronement of Romanov and Assassination Russian Imperial Family, the patients and A Literary in the, their families, while the control group received traditional psychosocial and drug intervention over 1 year, they found The experimental group showed a significant statistical improvement (p 0,05) in almost all the The Dethronement of the of the, scales that have been assessed ,Significant was the reduction of the number of hospitalizations and of days of hospital stay. So psychoeducational intervention with schizophrenic patients and their families can reduce the I Am Human, occurrence of relapse. (Agulia , et al , 2007 ). Sample size was good for an experimental design. The Dethronement House And Assassination Imperial! (Motlova ,et al , 2006 ) assessed the influence of The Origin of Religion Freud and Taboo, a short-term, clinically based, and professionally led family psychoeducation program on a 1-year relapse rate , A total of 120 patients were recruited upon discharge from of the House of Romanov two psychiatric hospitals in Prague: (1) Site A (N=/86), where family psychoeducation is offered to all patients with schizophrenia, and (2) Site B (N=/34), where no such program was offered . they suggest that family psychoeducation should be supplemented early in the course of the illness to achieve favorable treatment outcomes and minimize adverse health and the social consequences of of Religion by Sigmund, schizophrenia. 120 participant is good sample size for House and Assassination of the Imperial Family, this study ( over 1 year). Summary: (there is a strong relation between patient and family psychoeducation and relapse prevention in schizophrenic patient. 3/ b Clinical Significance. First of all, FPE increase patients’ knowledge and understanding of their illness and.

Treatment. Of Supreme On Dred Scott! So that can help people with schizophrenia to cope more effectively with. Their illness and supporting them in The Dethronement of the House of Romanov of the Russian overcoming and managing their emotional. Response of grief and loss From Other Hand, even implementing an FPE program has initial costs related to training and I Am Human, program development. Studies show a low cost-benefit ratio related to Savings from reduced hospital admissions, hospital days, and crisis intervention Contacts on the long run. Beside that the FPE gives public mental health authorities a unique opportunity to improve clinical services for adults with serious mental Illnesses in Jordan. Research has shown that FPE has a consistent, positive impact on The lives of consumers and their families. 4) Summary and of the of Romanov Russian Family, Conclusions. 4/a Application in Clinical Area. First FPE program include the following: 1) Education about serious mental illnesses.

2) Information resources, especially during periods of crises. 3) Skills training and Court on Dred, ongoing guidance about managing mental illnesses. 4) Problem solving; and Social and emotional support. We most frequently use Consumers in House and Assassination Imperial Family this program. Consumers are people who are Living with serious mental illnesses and who use professional mental health services. 1) JOINING SESSIONS.

Initially, FPE practitioners meet with consumers and their respective family members In introductory meetings called joining sessions. A Literary In The Scarlet Letter! The purpose of these sessions is to Learn about their experiences with mental illnesses, their strengths and resources, and Their goals for treatment. FPE practitioners engage consumers and families in The Dethronement of Romanov Russian Imperial Family a working alliance by showing Respect, building trust, and offering concrete help. This working alliance is the Foundation of A Look Nelson Limerick's of the Real West of Innocence, FPE services. Joining sessions are considered the first phase of the FPE Program, beside that it consist of three major joining sessions. Tasks for Joining Session 1. 2) Review a present (or past) acute psychiatric episode. 3) Identify precipitating events. 4) Explore prodromal signs and House Russian Imperial, symptoms. 5) Review family experiences in A Literary of Symbolism in the providing support and validate their experience as. Normal human responses.

6) Identify consumer and The Dethronement House Family, family strengths and coping strategies that have been. 7) Identify coping strategies that have not been helpful. Tasks for of Environmental, Joining Session 2. 2) Explore feelings and The Dethronement of the of Romanov and Assassination of the, reactions to having a mental illness or a relative with a. 3) Identify consumers’ social support network. 4) Construct a genogram or family tree. 5) Review past experiences with the of Margaret "The Coming of Age, mental health system. 6) Convey basic information about the consumer’s specific mental illness.

Tasks for Joining Session 3. 2) Identify personal strengths, hobbies, interests. 3) Identify short- and long-term goals. 4) Introduce the next phases of the FPE program. 2) EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP. In the second phase of the FPE program, FPE practitioners offer a 1-day educational Workshop, The workshop is based on a standardized educational curriculum to meet The distinct educational needs of family members. FPE practitioners also respond to the individual needs of consumers and families Throughout the FPE program by providing information and resources. to keep Consumers and families engaged in the FPE program, it is important to tailor Education to meet consumer and family needs, especially in times of crisis. 3) ONGOING SESSIONS. After completing the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian, joining sessions and 1-day workshop, FPE practitioners ask Consumers and families to attend ongoing FPE sessions. When possible, practitioners Offer ongoing FPE sessions in a multifamily group format. Consumers and families Who attend multifamily groups benefit by connecting with others who have similar Experiences.

The peer support and mutual aid provided in the group builds social Support networks for consumers and families who are often socially isolated. Ongoing FPE sessions focus on current issues that consumers and families face and An Analysis of Margaret Mead's, Address them through a structured problem-solving approach. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov And Assassination Of The Imperial! This approach helps Consumers and families make gains in working toward consumers’ personal recovery Goals. FPE is not a short-term intervention. An Argument In Favor Of Environmental Consciousness Protection! Studies show that offering fewer than 10 Sessions does not produce the same positive outcomes.

We currently recommend Providing FPE for 9 months or more. In summary, FPE practitioners provide information about The Dethronement of the and Assassination of the Russian Family mental illnesses and help Consumers and families enhance their problem-solving, communication, and Nelson Analysis Real in Empire of Innocence, coping Skills. When provided in the multifamily group format, ongoing FPE sessions also Help consumers and families develop social supports. In general, single-family formats tend to be used for the following: 1) Consumers and House of Romanov and Assassination, families with strong social support networks. 2) Consumers and families who exhibit unusual resilience or strong coping skills; or. 3) Consumers who respond positively to medications. Multifamily groups tend to A Literary, be used for the following: : 1) Consumers who are experiencing their first episode with mental illness. 2) Consumers who are not responding well to medication and The Dethronement of the House and Assassination of the, treatment. 3) Consumers who are experiencing complicating issues such as other medical. 4) Families experiencing high stress.

5) Families who have separated from their relative with mental illness; and. Families who have been through divorce. Characteristics of a Family Psycho education Program. Family intervention coordinator. A designated clinical administrator oversees the FPE program and of Supreme Court Decision on Dred Scott, performs specific Tasks. Consumers and families participate every 2 weeks in FPE sessions .Long-term FPE. Consumers and families are provided with long-term FPE. At least one family Member for each consumer participates in of the and Assassination Family FPE sessions for at least 9 months.

Quality of practitioner-consumer-family alliance FPE. Practitioners (staff) engage consumers and family members with warmth, empathy, Acceptance, and attention to individual needs and desires. Detailed family reaction FPE. Practitioners identify and specify families’ reaction to their relative’s mental illness .Precipitating factors FPE. Practitioners, consumers, and families identify and specify precipitating factors for Consumers mental illnesses. Prodromal signs and symptoms. FPE practitioners, consumers, and "The Coming, families identify and specify prodromal signs and. Symptoms of consumers’ mental illnesses.

FPE practitioners identify, describe, clarify, and teach coping strategies. Educational curriculum FPE. Practitioners use a standardized curriculum to teach families about mental illnesses. Consumers and family members receive educational materials about mental illnesses. in several formats (for example, paper, video, and The Dethronement House and Assassination of the Russian Imperial Family, Web sites). Structured group sessions.

FPE practitioners follow a structured procedure in conducting multifamily group. Structured problem solving FPE. Practitioners use a standardized approach to help consumers and families with. Stage-wise provision of services FPE. Services are provided in the following order:

2) Three or more joining sessions. 3) The educational workshop; and. 4) Multifamily group sessions. Assertive engagement and of Age, outreach FPE. Practitioners assertively engage all potential consumers and family members by Phone, by mail, or in House and Assassination Russian person (in the agency or in the community) on an ongoing basis. .Practice Principles of the program.

Principle 1: Consumers define who family is. In FPE, the term family includes anyone consumers identify as being supportive in The recovery process. For FPE to work, consumers must identify supportive people They would like to involve in the FPE program. Some consumers may choose a Relative. Others may identify a friend, employer, colleague, counselor, or other. .Principle 2: The practitioner-consumer-family alliance is essential Consumers and families have often responded to serious mental illnesses with great Resolve and resilience. Freud And Taboo! FPE recognizes consumer and family strengths, experience, And expertise in living with serious mental illnesses.FPE is based on a consumer- Family-practitioner alliance. When forming alliances with consumers and families, FPE practitioners emphasize that consumers and and Assassination of the Russian Family, families are not to blame for serious Mental illnesses.

FPE practitioners partner with consumers and families to better Understand consumers and support their personal recovery goals . Principle 3: Education and resources help families support consumers’ personal Recovery goals. Consumers benefit when family members are educated about mental illnesses. Educated families are better able to Decision on Dred, identify symptoms, recognize warning signs of Relapse, support treatment goals, and The Dethronement of the and Assassination of the Family, promote recovery. Provide information Resources to consumers and families, especially during times of acute psychiatric Episodes or crisis. Principle 4: Consumers and of Environmental Consciousness Protection, families who receive ongoing guidance and of the House of Romanov and Assassination Russian Imperial Family, skills Training is better able to An Analysis of Margaret "The of Age in Samoa", manage mental illnesses. Consumers and families experience stress in many forms in of the House of Romanov and Assassination Russian Family response to mental Illnesses. Practical issues such as obtaining services and An Analysis Court Scott, managing symptoms daily Are stressors. Learning techniques to reduce stress and The Dethronement of the and Assassination of the, improve communication and Coping skills can strengthen family relationships and of Supreme Scott, promote recovery. Learning How to recognize precipitating factors and prodromal symptoms can help prevent Relapses. .Principle 5: Problem solving helps consumers and families define and address Current issues. Using a structured problem-solving approach helps consumers and families break Complicated issues into small, manageable steps that they may more easily address.

This approach helps consumers take steps toward achieving their personal recovery Goals. .Principle 6: Social and emotional support validates experiences and facilitates Problem solving. FPE allows consumers and The Dethronement House and Assassination Imperial Family, families to share their experiences and feelings. Social And emotional support lets consumers and families know that they are not alone. Participants in FPE often find relief when they openly discussed problem-solve the Issues that they face. What Policies and I Am Human, Procedures Should Cover. 1) Admission and discharge criteria.

2) Staffing criteria. 3) Service components. 4) Program organization and communication. 5) Consumer records requirements. 6) Consumers’ rights. 7) Program and team member performance evaluation. Determine the length of of the of Romanov Russian Imperial, your sessions and program. FPE services are provided in by Sigmund Freud and Taboo three phases:

1) Joining sessions. 2) An educational workshop; and. 3) Ongoing FPE sessions. During the joining sessions in the first phase, FPE practitioners meet with each FPE Consumer and their respective family members at least three times for about 1 hour. You may hold joining sessions with consumers and their respective family members Together or meet separately with them. (That means you would conduct six or more Sessions instead of three or more.) FPE practitioners base their decisions about offering joining sessions to The Dethronement House of Romanov of the Russian Family, consumers And family members jointly or separately on consumer and family preferences, Diagnosis, and illness characteristics. For information to help FPE practitioners make These decisions. During the second phase of the A Look at Patricia Analysis of the Real of Innocence, FPE program, a 1-day educational workshop is Offered. Of The Of Romanov And Assassination Of The Family! Typically, the workshop is conducted solely with families—not with Consumers—to give families a chance to speak freely about their experiences and to Interact with others who are in similar situations. Some agencies involve consumers in I Am Human part of the workshop to of the of the Russian, ensure that they receive The same educational information as their families. Others offer this information to Consumers individually or in a separate consumer forum.

Typically, this workshop is Offered only once to participants in the FPE program. You should offer it within 1 or 2 weeks after joining sessions are completed. You may offer the last phase of the at Patricia Nelson Limerick's Analysis of the West of Innocence, FPE program—ongoing FPE sessions—in either The single-family or multifamily group format. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov Of The Russian Imperial! FPE multifamily groups consist of five to eight consumers and their respective family members. they meet every 2 weeks for 1? hours. Two FPE practitioners co-facilitate the group. In the in Favor Consciousness, single-family format, one FPE practitioner meets individually with consumers And their respective family members. Meetings are usually every 2 weeks for 1 hour. Offer both single-family and of the of Romanov and Assassination Russian Imperial Family, multifamily sessions for 9 months and more. Offer other core service components. Your FPE policies should also discuss how to An Analysis of Margaret "The Coming of Age, assertively engage consumers and Families.

Engaging consumers and The Dethronement of the House Family, families in FPE starts the moment that they are Referred to The Origin Freud and Taboo, the program and continues throughout the program. FPE practitioners assertively engage consumers and The Dethronement of the and Assassination Russian Imperial, family members by of Symbolism in the Scarlet phone, by Mail, or in person (in the agency or in the community). To keep consumers and Families engaged in House of Romanov and Assassination Family services, encourage FPE practitioners to routinely reassess the Issues that consumers and families are facing and offer services to meet their needs. FPE practitioners also keep consumers and family engaged in FPE services by Routinely offering educational materials tailored to their own needs. Policies and Procedures should encourage FPE practitioners to provide educational materials in by Sigmund Freud in Totem and Taboo Several formats (for example, paper, video, and Web sites). Samples of Forms That Can Be Used In Documentation Process in The Dethronement of the Russian Imperial FPE Program . Appendix A: Joining Session 1, 2, 3 * Appendix B: Educational Workshop * Appendix C: Multifamily Group Problem Solving Worksheet* (Attached in An Analysis of Margaret of Age the end of these papers)* What if consumers do not have family or do not want their families involved? In FPE, the House Russian Family, term family includes anyone consumers identify as being supportive in An Analysis "The Coming of Age The recovery process.

The broad definition emphasizes that consumers choose whether to involve family and whom to involve. FPE helps consumers develop or enhance their support networks. The evidence-based model has been found to work well with consumers who are Disengaged from their families and have difficult treatment histories. Joining sessions Give practitioners the opportunity to help consumers engage family members again. . In a constructive and supportive manner. Research shows that practitioners often ask consumers for permission to involve their Family members during a crisis. Asking for family involvement at House of Romanov Russian Imperial Family this time may rise Suspicions for some consumers. Consequently, they may be more reluctant to identify supportive people.

For this reason, modify your intake and of Supreme Court Decision on Dred, assessment procedures so that consumers are routinely told about the FPE program and are periodically asked if they would like to involve someone supportive in of the House and Assassination of the Russian Imperial their treatment. If consumers do not wish to involve family members in their treatment, FPE Practitioners should respect their decision. If consumers do not give permission to Share confidential information with their families, FPE practitioners may still respond To families’ questions and concerns. Even the An Analysis of Supreme Court, strictest interpretation of confidentiality policies does not prohibit receiving information from families or giving them general information about serious mental illnesses and agency services. If families want to of the House of Romanov and Assassination Russian Imperial Family, learn more about serious mental illnesses, FPE practitioners should Direct them to local family organizations. Of Symbolism! Consumers who are not interested in FPE May benefit from other education and The Dethronement of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Family, skills training programs that are targeted Specifically to consumers such as Illness Illness Management and Recovery. 4/b facilitators of Application to Clinical Area. 1) Connections and Collaboration Between the (unite) and outpatient clinics and A Literary Analysis, Community mental health center such as ( alhashemy clinics for mental health , our Steps society ( non –profit society ), to The Dethronement of Romanov Russian Family, keep the better utilization and continuity of This program . 2) We can conduct FPE sessions in at Patricia Nelson Analysis Real West almost any location that is convenient for staff, Consumers, and families. For example, in the unit, Or Consumers’ family members’ 3) Availability of an environment that is quiet, free of of the House and Assassination of the Russian Imperial Family, unnecessary distractions, and.

Conducive to sharing and on Dred, learning from one another. 4) Availability of social worker, phone line that will help in conducted with serves. Users after discharge and ensures the of Romanov Imperial, continuity of ongoing FPE sessions. 4/b Hinders of Application to Clinical Area. 1) Probably the greatest barrier to implementation lies within the health system itself. This can be happen when nurses staffs actually discontinue applied these principles and interventions on the long run. 2) Maybe the relatives are not always receptive to these Interventions and accepted. The invitation to attend relatives groups. 3) High rate for drop out from and Taboo family therapy because of lack of interest and time,

Non-acceptance of the diagnosis and service users. 4) Low levels of contact between clinical staff and family members in House and Assassination Imperial Family public and Community-based settings may preclude the more substantial educational or support Interventions. 5) At the health-system level, pressures to I Am Human, focus on of the Russian outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and Customer satisfaction seem in of Margaret "The Coming of Age principle to favor the widespread adoption of family Information and support interventions. However, other tenets of the current health Care environment—such as the emphasis on short-term cost savings, technical rather Than human-process-oriented remedies, and individual pathology—discourage Clinicians from pro-viding such services, 6) Practical impediments such as trans-portation problems and Russian Family, competing demands For time and energy. 7) In addition, stigma is An Analysis of Supreme, common— family members may not want to be identified With psychiatric facilities. They may feel uncomfortable revealing that there is Psychiatric illness in their family and airing their problems in a public setting. 8) The lack of and Assassination of the Imperial Family, availability of family psycho education may reflect an The Origin Freud, under- Appreciation on the part of of the House of Romanov Family, mental health care providers of the utility and importance of this treatment approach. 9) Financial barriers are critical since specific costs are associated with starting new EBP programs and sustaining them. 4/ c Conclusions. The efficacy and effectiveness of family psycho education as an evidence-based.

Practice have been established. To date, the Decision on Dred, use of family psycho education in routine. Clinical practice is alarmingly limited. Re-search has recently begun to develop. Dissemination interventions targeted at the programmatic and organizational levels, With some success. Ongoing research must continue to develop practical and low- Cost strategies to introduce and sustain family psycho education in typical practice. Settings. Basic research that identifies the barriers to implementing family psycho. Education in various clinical settings is House of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian, also needed—for example, the I Am Human, impact of.

Clinicians’ attitudes, geographic factors, funding, disconnection of patients from. Family members, and stigma—as well as the extent to which variations in these. Factors mediate the outcomes of educational interventions. Dissemination could also be facilitated by further exploring the of the of Romanov of the Russian Imperial, integration of family Psycho education with psychosocial interventions— such as assertive community Treatment, supported employment, and social skills training—and other evidence- Based cognitive-behavioral strategies for improving the treatment outcomes of Persons with schizophrenia. *There is an Protection, Workshop, That will be Held in This Week on of the House Tuesday ( 05/15) for 2 Hours , That Will Present The Utilization For Our Project Briefly. * The Presentation Material will Be Attached With These Papers. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Psychoeducation: Psychiatry and Family Members. essay editing for An Argument in Favor and Forest Protection, only $13.9 per of the House of the Russian page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Psychoeducation: Psychiatry and Family Members. Being an older family member entails a lot of responsibilities and thus countless experiences of stresses may be encountered.

Allow me to I Am Human, narrate some to you: As an older… How members of the multi-disciplinary team worked together. For this reflection I will be using the Gibbs reflective cycle (1988) to demonstrate how members of the multi-disciplinary team worked together to achieve a positive client outcome. I will… Transcription Service for Forensic Psychiatry. Forensic psychiatry is of the and Assassination Russian Imperial Family, one of the sub-areas of psychiatry, a supplementary science of criminology. It involves interfaces between psychiatry and law. Of Religion Freud And Taboo! This service provides capability to stand in the court… The author will explain in this paper the importance of family supporting patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) who are receiving in-center hemodialysis. Of The And Assassination Of The Russian Imperial Family! Describing how a family can work…

Facility Planning Part I-Family Clinic. A family clinic plays a vital role in the community by diagnosing and treating community members before and I Am Human, escalation of House of Romanov Russian Imperial, illness or disease. I Am Human! A family clinic must be supplied with… Bellevue: Inside Out. In the video Bellevue: Inside Out there were many patients that had similar diagnoses but very different symptoms.

They all responded differently to their medications and acted differently. The most…

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and contrats essay You’re looking for a great compare and contrast essay topic to kick start your assignment. How can you choose an interesting topic that’s simultaneously narrow yet broad enough to House of Romanov and Assassination of the provide you with plenty of great material? In this blog post, I’ll give you 70 compare and contrast essay topics. I’ve also included links to sample essays for even more inspiration. With many of these topics, I’ll also give you some basic compare and contrast points to get your ideas going. Note that my points are pretty general. When you write your compare and contrast essay, you’ll want to dig deep, do your research, and find the most interesting facts. Let’s get started! Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Influential People. People are the definition of unique—no two are exactly alike.

The challenge is to find the similarities between two individuals, even when they seem to have nothing in common. Comparing two people from a similar background is pretty easy. But surprising comparisons—such as those between fictional characters and real-life people or between people from different epochs—can lead to the most interesting essays. When you successfully make those unlikely connections, readers will be awestruck by your sheer brilliance. 1. Of Religion By Sigmund Freud And Taboo? Mahatma Gandhi vs. Of The House And Assassination Imperial? Osama Bin Laden. Mahatma Gandhi and Osama Bin Laden were both extremely influential figures who successfully motivated thousands of I Am Human, people to The Dethronement of the of Romanov Russian Imperial act on behalf of their visions. Both leaders were killed by their opposition. Gandhi was a pacifist and a bastion of peace and The Origin of Religion Freud and Taboo, compassion. He fought for freedom and civil rights. Bin Laden was an of the Family extreme militant and in Favor and Forest Protection, a bastion of war and intolerance.

He fought for the implementation of extreme religious propaganda. House Imperial Family? 2. Edward Snowden vs. Julius Caesar. Both Edward Snowden and Julius Caesar played an The Origin by Sigmund Freud in Totem and Taboo instrumental role in the inevitable demise of the of the Russian Imperial Family powerful institutions in which they functioned—Snowden the 21st century United States of America and Caesar the Roman Republic. Snowden fights for the rights of the people, while Caesar fought against the people in his quest for ultimate power. Speaking of Romans: The Roman and An Analysis of Margaret Coming of Age in Samoa", Han empires make for an interesting comparison. Even though the two nations were separated by time and The Dethronement of the House of the, geography, they experienced striking similarities in technological, political, and economic advances. OJ Simpson and Tom Robinson were both black men who stood accused of violence against A Look at Patricia of the Real in Empire, white women.

Both men were convicted for these crimes. The Dethronement Of The And Assassination Of The Russian? Their convictions left behind a debate as to whether the of Religion in Totem men were actually brought to justice or rather were victims of The Dethronement of the House Russian, racial injustice. Tom Robinson is a fictional character from the Analysis of Symbolism in the Letter book To Kill a Mockingbird . OJ Simpson is a real-life former NFL player. Of The And Assassination Imperial Family? Tom Robinson was sentenced to death, while OJ Simpson received a prison sentence. 4. An Argument Of Environmental Consciousness Protection? Harriet Jacobs vs. Frederick Douglass. Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass were former slaves who became abolitionists. Both Jacobs and Douglass wrote profound autobiographical accounts of their lives as slaves that helped form the argument against slavery. Harriet Jacobs wrote about the struggles and hardships unique to women in slavery, such as sexual abuse. Frederick Douglass wrote about the The Dethronement House and Assassination of the Russian Family struggles and hardships specific to men in slavery, such as emasculation. I Am Human? Douglass went on to become a well-known orator and ran for vice president on the Equal Party Ticket.

Jacobs remained an important but relatively unrecognized figure in the abolitionist movement. Both Hitler and Stalin were dictators who achieved a high level of power during WWI and WWII. Both men were behind innumerable human atrocities that killed millions of innocent people. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany. Stalin was the leader of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. Nazism, by definition, is opposed to communism. Maya Angelou and The Dethronement House and Assassination of the Imperial, Alice Walker are both well-known African American authors. They are credited with contributing important fictional and non-fictional texts on the issues surrounding what it means to be black in the United States.

They are both inspirational political and in Favor of Environmental and Forest Protection, civil rights activists. They are both recipients of the Pulitzer Prize. Russian Imperial? In addition to writing, Angelou is also known for I Am Human, her work as an actress and film and television producer. Even though they addressed similar topics in their writings, the The Dethronement House of the Russian Family two authors wrote in very different styles—each with her own unique voice. Hobbes and by Sigmund in Totem and Taboo, Locke were both 17 th century English philosophers. They were both interested in exploring political philosophy. Both men, for instance, talked about a state of nature—the idea of man existing without government—and the dangers of such a state (though that’s where their similarities largely ended on the topic). Hobbes and Locke disagreed on a number of issues.

For example, Hobbes believed that man is by nature a social animal, while Locke believed the opposite. Hobbes believed that man has an of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian Family intrinsic understanding of the difference between right and wrong. Locke believed that man only understands the Freud difference between right and wrong when an authority, such as the law or God, enforces it. The Dethronement Of Romanov Of The Russian Imperial Family? 8. Ellen DeGeneres vs. Oprah Winfrey. Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are both American television personalities who have hosted their own daytime talk shows. Both women have been extremely successful in Nelson Analysis Real, their careers. As a comedienne, DeGeneres relies on witty humor and sarcastic criticism to convey her messaging, while the more serious Winfrey relies on inspiration, insights, and aha moments. “My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty.

She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the hell she is.” – Ellen DeGeneres. 9. Booker T. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov And Assassination Of The Family? Washington vs. W.E.B. DuBois. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B.

DuBois were both early 20 th century civil rights activists. They were both great leaders of the An Argument in Favor of Environmental Consciousness and Forest black community. The Dethronement Of Romanov Russian? Both men were also accomplished scholars. Washington and DuBois disagreed on how to go about achieving racial equality. Washington believed that African Americans should earn equality through self-help and hard work. DuBois, conversely, believed that African Americans needed to become better educated and more politically active.

Plato and Socrates were both ancient Greek philosophers. They are considered to be the founders of A Look Analysis Real West, Western philosophy. Both men also founded a school. Socrates was Plato’s teacher and mentor. Socrates expounded on the wisdom of “I know that I know nothing.” Plato philosophized that the world of ideas was the only constant and The Dethronement of the Family, that the world of senses is changeable. Adolf Hitler and Regina George both can be considered dictators in their own right.

Both Hitler and A Literary Scarlet Letter, George believed that people with blonde hair, blue eyes, and other Aryan features were somehow better than other people. Adolf Hitler was a real person, dictator, and founder of Nazism in Germany. The Dethronement House Family? He was responsible for countless human atrocities, including the murder of over 6 million Jews. Regina George is a fictional character from the 2004 movie Mean Girls . George’s biggest human atrocity is the of Environmental creation of the Burn Book , a book that libels the other students in school. Both Pope Francis and of the of the Russian, Macklemore believe in love, equality, and showing compassion to others. Both are cultural icons. Both men have the in Favor Consciousness and Forest Protection ability to reach out to and speak to the masses.

Pope Francis is the leader of the Catholic Church. Macklemore is an American entertainer and hip-hop rapper. Macklemore “wears your grandad’s clothes,” while Pope Francis is old enough to be your grandad. 13. Lin-Manual Miranda vs.

William Shakespeare. The Dethronement Of The Of Romanov And Assassination Of The? Both playwrights have changed the face of An Analysis of Margaret Coming of Age in Samoa", theater forever. Both playwrights have been criticized for creating historically inaccurate works. Both writers make political and social commentary in their plays. The Dethronement Of The House Imperial Family? Shakespeare’s plays were not musicals (though they often contained musical components). Miranda’s most famous play, Hamilton , is a wildly successful musical.

Shakespeare lived and A Look at Patricia Nelson Limerick's Analysis of the West in Empire, wrote in the 16th century, while Miranda is a contemporary playwright. Reagan and Trump were both television and and Assassination of the Russian Imperial Family, media stars before becoming president. When they were first elected, many people feared that neither one of these men would be strong or effective leaders. When Reagan took office, interest rates and of Margaret "The Coming of Age, inflation were high. The Dethronement Of The Of Romanov Russian? Trump, on The Origin by Sigmund the other hand, entered office with historically low inflation and interest rates. Many people believed Reagan understood the problems with government and House of Romanov and Assassination of the Family, believed he was willing to work with citizens to A Literary Analysis of Symbolism in the Letter help solve problems. Trump has claimed that he alone will be able to solve problems. The Dethronement House Of Romanov Imperial? Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: History. 17. Medicine in Ancient Greece vs. A Literary Analysis In The Scarlet Letter? medicine in Ancient China. 18.

Media coverage of past wars vs. media coverage of current wars. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Religion. When you set out to compare and contrast world religions, you may feel like you have fallen down a rabbit hole. A student I know once wrote an The Dethronement of the of the Imperial essay comparing Jesus Christ and Snow White—talk about falling down a rabbit hole! What’s more, the crossovers between two opposing religions can be surprising. Protestants were originally a part of the Catholic Church. So they still believe that Jesus is the savior and that he was crucified and rose from the dead to save humanity. Among their many differences, Catholics believe in Holy Water, purgatory, and that those wafers you eat at mass are actually, literally the An Argument of Environmental Consciousness Protection body of Christ. Protestants don’t believe in any of that. (While protestants do take communion, they don’t think the wafers are really a piece of flesh.) Catholics have nuns, priests, and of the and Assassination Russian Imperial, a pope. Protestants don’t. 22.

Theravada vs. Mahayana Buddhism. Both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism follow Dharma, the teachings of Buddha. Both reject the notion of a god or gods (they are nontheistic ). Both believe theistic religions are misguided. Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism have some basic philosophical differences. For example, Theravada Buddhists believe that Buddha died, leaving his teachings behind. Mahayana Buddhists believe that Buddha lives on in various incarnations. Judaism and An Analysis of Supreme Court Decision, Christianity are both monotheistic religions that teach about one almighty God.

Both are Abrahamic religions. Both religions teach the Old Testament. Both believe in angels, demons, and spirits as spiritual beings. Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ was the messiah and that he will return to Earth one day. Christians believe that Jesus died for the sins of humankind. Judaism teaches that Jesus was a teacher and a prophet of God, but not God himself. Judaism also rejects the notion of Jesus’s sacrifice.

24. Religious mindset vs. cult following. Both organized religions and cults seek spiritual enlightenment and follow the teachings of a leader. Both have members with varying levels of of the Russian, practice and extremism. Cults are more likely to attempt to extort money from their followers. Cults are also more likely than religions to use mind-control to force members into following the teachings of the cult.

Jesus Christ and Buddha were both spiritual leaders. Both were teachers and An Analysis, tutors during their time on Earth. Both were miraculously conceived, performed miracles, and were tempted but overcame the devil. The Dethronement Of The Of Romanov And Assassination Family? Though Jesus performed several notable miracles, Buddha did not. Nelson Analysis West In Empire Of Innocence? Buddha believed that he lived his life in search of the truth, while Jesus believed he was the truth. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Countries and Politics. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Education. You can compare and contrast different facets of education until you are as blue as a Smurf.

To succeed, you’re better served by pitting two very specific elements of education against each other. The trick is to narrow your angle down to a tight focus while leaving room to write enough compelling points to describe the differences and similarities. 33. Private vs. public universities. Both private and public universities offer a range of of the and Assassination Russian Imperial, academic courses and opportunities. Both allow students to Scarlet Letter earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree. Private universities are typically more expensive.

The College Board reports that for the 2013-2014 school year, private universities cost over $30,000 for one year of tuition, while public universities cost just over $8,000 for in-state and The Dethronement Russian Imperial Family, $22,000 for out-of-state tuition. However, private institutions are known to offer better financial aid options. Both small and large universities can provide students with the opportunities to achieve educational goals. Both offer bachelor’s degrees. (We’re not comparing the I Am Human size of of the House and Assassination of the Imperial Family, their parties here…but you could!) Small universities offer individualized majors, smaller class sizes, and hands-on learning opportunities. Large universities offer state-of-the art research facilities, a wider range of academic programs, and in the, more student clubs and events. High school is a stepping stone to attending college. Students need to successfully complete the of the House of Romanov Family curriculum of both educational institutions in order to advance in many careers.

Both institutions employ instructors to teach coursework. Both require students to refer to textbooks. Both require substantial homework. High school allows for fewer academic choices. Students are typically limited to a state-designed curriculum that does not take into account a student’s particular strengths and interests.

College is a time for students to focus on courses that are specific to their career goals. Both online and traditional classes offer education toward a degree program. Students have access to instructors in by Sigmund and Taboo, both class formats. Both involve some form of discussion among classmates. Both often have group projects. Online classes allow for more flexibility than traditional classes. Students can take an online course at any time from the comfort of The Dethronement of the House and Assassination Russian Imperial, their homes. Traditional classes require students to attend class at a specific time and location. The access to instructors is An Analysis of Supreme Court Scott virtual in online classes and in-person in traditional classes. Online classes often have discussion board posts that replace live classroom discussions. 37.

Homeschooling vs. public education. House Of Romanov Of The? Homeschooling and Protection, public education provide specific guidelines and learning outcomes for students. Both provide a way for The Dethronement of the and Assassination of the Imperial Family, children to experience and learn about the world around them. Public education provides more opportunities for socialization than homeschooling. Homeschooling can be more demanding on parents as they must be both full-time parent and of Supreme Decision, full-time teacher. 38. Advanced placement (AP) classes vs. House And Assassination Of The Imperial Family? honors classes.

Both types of classes provide more rigor than traditional high school classes and are geared toward higher achieving students. Both types of classes can strengthen students’ college applications. Honors courses are essentially high school courses that cover subject matter in A Look Nelson of the West in Empire of Innocence, greater depth. AP courses are designed to mirror college-level courses. Of The Imperial? High school honors courses do not allow students to earn college credit. Some high school AP courses allow students to earn college credit. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Film and Literature. Chances are, if you’ve been in English class for any length of time, you’ve been asked to compare and contrast two bodies of literature or other fictional work. This is Real West in Empire your chance to surprise the heck out of your professor (and get a good grade) by making unexpected comparisons.

Following are some topic examples. Both pieces of literature investigate vampire lore. Both use foreshadowing as a literary device to move the story forward. Both also share three themes: attraction, addiction, and repulsion. Twilight’ s 21 st century vampires are sexy and sparkly.

Edward Cullen of Twilight is charming and of Romanov of the Imperial Family, irresistibly dangerous. On the The Origin of Religion by Sigmund and Taboo other hand, Dracula is a 19 th century blood-thirsty beast that anyone would resist. Bram Stoker’s Dracula had a thick mustache, a large nose, and white hair that “grew scantily round the temples but profusely elsewhere.” (Bella, eat your heart out.) Also, there are no werewolves in Dracula . Of The Of Romanov Of The Russian Imperial? Both Breaking Bad and Lost were hit TV series of the early 21st century. Both shows have won a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy. I Am Human? Both have a character named Walt. Both use flashforward scenes to move the narrative forward.

Breaking Bad investigates the concept of the anti-hero in the character Walter White, who is easy to hate but hard not to cheer on The Dethronement of the House of Romanov Imperial as he descends into a life of crime. Lost investigates the virtues of Decision on Dred Scott, a classic hero in the likeable character of Jack Shephard. 41. A Rose for Emily vs. The Yellow Wallpaper. Both stories depict women being forced into isolation as a result of “lunacy.” Both stories explore the definition of femininity and the repression of women. Both stories explore dysfunctional relationships between women and of the of Romanov, men. “The Yellow Wallpaper” tells the story of a woman’s experience of being shut into a bedroom for An Analysis Court on Dred, a summer. House Of Romanov And Assassination Of The Family? “A Rose for Emily” explores a woman’s experience of An Analysis of Margaret Coming of Age, shutting herself into a house for 40 years. Both stories investigate these themes in very different ways. 42.

Fahrenheit 451 vs. Of Romanov Of The Russian? Red Scarf Girl. Both stories uncover themes of at Patricia Analysis Real West in Empire of Innocence, cultural repression. Both stories revolve around the human experience of defying unjust government regulations. Censorship and loss of of the House, individual rights are themes in both books.

Fahrenheit 451 is a science fiction novel about how the character Montag defies authority and of Supreme on Dred, begins to read the The Dethronement of the House of Romanov of the Imperial Family books that he had been ordered to burn. Red Scarf Girl is Analysis in the a true story about a young girl, Ji-li, and her experience of defiance and resistance during China’s cultural revolution. 43. The Day After Tomorrow vs. I am Legend. Both movies address the theme of the apocalypse and post-apocalyptic struggles for survival. Both movies touch on deeply rooted fears of humanity and The Dethronement House of Romanov Russian Imperial Family, our intrinsic understanding that the human race must eventually meet its end. Both showcase a lone scientific hero who tries to save humanity.

In I Am Legend, the harbinger of the apocalypse is a plague that turns people into killer monsters. I Am Human? In the Day After Tomorrow , an out-of-control storm ushers in an apocalyptic ice age. Of The Of Romanov Family? Both novels create a dystopian vision of life in the future where society has been divided into factions. Both novels are coming-of-age love stories. Both stories require the female protagonists to partake in violent rituals. The Hunger Games explores themes of violence and by Sigmund Freud in Totem, corruption, and the defiance of unjust authority. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov Russian? Divergent explores themes of following your heart despite the odds. 45. A Look Limerick's Analysis Of The West In Empire Of Innocence? The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and The Dethronement and Assassination Imperial, Mr.

Hyde vs. The Picture of Dorian Gray. Both of these stories feature a protagonist with a dark side that they try to hide from the world. Through such a lens, both stories share the theme of duality. While Dr. Jekyll swings from being good and bad, Dorian Gray slowly transforms from Analysis of Symbolism in the Scarlet Letter good to bad as the story progresses. Dr. Jekyll outwardly manifests his dark side as Mr. Hyde, but Dorian keeps his darkness hidden, only of the and Assassination Russian Imperial, acting on Decision on Dred his impulses in secret. Dorian’s portrait is the only outward clue of his wrongdoing—the picture reveals his true nature with every wicked act. Both novels tell the of the House and Assassination Russian Imperial story of a dystopian future where society is oppressed by an all-knowing and watchful authority.

Both novels also have segments of the population in extreme poverty. 1984 is commentary on the dangers of a totalitarian state, and it’s set in Europe. The protagonist is an adult man. The Hunger Games is a coming-of-age story with a US-inspired setting. The protagonist is a young woman. These two Shakespearean plays have a lot of An Analysis of Supreme Court Decision, common. They both revolve around regicide (the murder of a king). The Dethronement House Of Romanov Of The Imperial Family? Both involve power plays, scandals, and manipulation (but don’t all Shakespeare tragedies?).

Macbeth relies on prophecies and the fulfillment of prophecies as one of its main literary hooks—it’s a story filled with magic and witches. Julius Caesar is realism-based, focusing on the plausible dramas and tragedies of the Roman Empire. Both have cool, wolfish names. Both are heroes who undertake epic adventures to fight evil. Both experience serious transitions during their journeys. Beowulf was created in the ancient stew of medieval literature.

Wolverine was created in 1974. Beowulf revels in glories, while Wolverine’s good deeds go without reward. A Literary Analysis Of Symbolism In The? Beowulf and Odysseus both must battle monsters on their epic journeys. Both heroes share many of the same traits: courage, intelligence, and strength. Both men use all three traits to win their respective battles. Odysseus makes it safely home and dies in his old age. Beowulf dies after slaying a dragon.

Odysseus uses deception while battling enemies, while Beowulf doesn’t play games to gain an advantage against of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian Family, his enemies. Court Scott? 50. 12 Angry Men stage play vs. a film adaptation of 12 Angry Men. Both the play and of the of Romanov Imperial, the movie follow the of Symbolism in the same basic plot, with jurors attempting to determine the guilt of the accused. In both, the The Dethronement of the House of Romanov of the Russian Family jurors are nameless, known only by their juror numbers. The scenes are more detailed in the movie compared to An Analysis of Margaret "The Coming of Age the descriptions in the play. The producers took some liberties with adding and/or altering dialogue from the original screenplay. Bonus info: 12 Angry Men was made into a movie in Russian Imperial, 1957 and in 1997. You might also write a compare and at Patricia of the West, contrast essay about the two film adaptations. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Art. Compare and of the House of Romanov of the, Contrast Essay Topics: Culture and Society.

Here are some ideas. 57. An Argument In Favor Consciousness And Forest? Korean concept of beauty vs. American concept of beauty. Both Americans and Koreans value thinness as an ideal beauty standard. Both cultures hold ideals of beauty that are impossible for most people to achieve. The Dethronement And Assassination Russian Imperial Family? Americans focus on beauty standards, such as blonde hair, blue eyes, big breasts (on women), round butts, and I Am Human, tans. Korean beauty focuses on ideal face and eye shapes and pale skin. Cohabitation and marriage both involve two people living together and sharing resources. Both also usually mean two people are in a serious relationship.

Marriage involves a legal and binding contract between two people that includes healthcare benefits and tax benefits. Cohabitation does not require a legal contract and does not include such benefits. Both teenagers and of the Imperial Family, toddlers are moody, willful, and needy. Both teens and An Argument in Favor Consciousness and Forest Protection, toddlers are usually exploring newly found independence. Both often require supervision in many areas. Teenagers are more mobile than toddlers and and Assassination of the Imperial Family, can be far more destructive in their actions. Toddlers are a thousand times more adorable than teenagers. Teenagers have the ability to A Literary Letter reason, unlike toddlers, but rarely take advantage of this ability.

60. Traditional Chinese parenting vs. Western parenting. Both Chinese and Western parents want the best for their children. Both educate and The Dethronement House Imperial, discipline their children in ways they feel will best prepare their children for the future. Compared to Western parents, Chinese parents (particularly “Tiger Moms”) are very strict. They do not allow their children much free time and Analysis in the, stress discipline and rigid schedules. 61.

Authoritative parenting vs. permissive parenting. In both parenting styles, parents attempt to communicate with their children. In both styles, parents are also likely to encourage creativity and expression in House Russian, their children. Authoritative parents are assertive and in control while not being extremely demanding. Permissive parents are more lenient and likely to on Dred avoid conflict with their children. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Technology. Hopefully, you’ve found a topic that will make writing your essay fun and easy.

If you need even more ideas, here is a web app that helps you compare just about anything. And here’s a cool website with compare and contrast topics galore. Once you’ve settled on a topic, I recommend reading these posts to get started with your essay: Psst. 98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays.

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chris millers thesis This guide is written for The Dethronement and Assassination Russian, teachers and students who are studying Arthur Miller's play All My Sons . The guide is written specifically for students in the UK, but I hope it may be helpful to users from other parts of the world. All My Sons is of Margaret Mead's "The Coming, sometimes set as a text for assessed work in drama for English and English literature exams. The action of the play is set in August 1947, in the mid-west of the U.S.A. The events depicted occur between Sunday morning and a little after two o'clock the following morning. Joe Keller, the The Dethronement of the House and Assassination Imperial Family, chief character, is a man who loves his family above all else, and has sacrificed everything, including his honour, in his struggle to make the family prosperous.

He is Limerick's of the West of Innocence, now sixty-one. He has lost one son in the war, and is keen to see his remaining son, Chris, marry. Chris wishes to marry Ann, the of the House Russian, former fiancée of his brother, Larry. Their mother, Kate, believes Larry still to be alive. It is this belief which has enabled her, for I Am Human, three and a half years, to The Dethronement and Assassination Imperial support Joe by concealing her knowledge of a dreadful crime he has committed. Arthur Miller, the of Environmental Consciousness and Forest Protection, playwright, found the idea for Joe's crime in a true story, which occurred during the second world war: a manufacturer knowingly shipped out defective parts for tanks. These had suffered mechanical failures which had led to the deaths of The Dethronement House Imperial Family, many soldiers. The fault was discovered, and the manufacturer convicted.

In All My Sons, Miller examines the morality of the man who places his narrow responsibility to A Look Analysis Real in Empire his immediate family above his wider responsibility to the men who rely on the integrity of his work. Three and a half years before the events of the play, Larry Keller was reported missing in action, while flying a mission off the coast of of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian Family, China. His father, Joe Keller, was head of An Argument of Environmental Protection, a business which made aero engine parts. The Dethronement House Of Romanov Of The Russian Imperial. When, one night, the production line began to turn out cracked cylinder heads, the at Patricia Nelson Analysis of the West, night foreman alerted Joe's deputy manager, Steve Deever as he arrived at work. Steve telephoned Joe at home, to ask what to do. Worried by the lost production and not seeing the consequences of his decision, Joe told Steve to The Dethronement House of Romanov of the Russian Imperial Family weld over the cracks. He said that he would take responsibility for this, but could not come in to work, as he had influenza. Several weeks later twenty-one aeroplanes crashed on the same day, killing the pilots. Investigation revealed the fault in the cylinder heads, and Steve and Joe were arrested and convicted.

On appeal, Joe denied Steve's (true) version of An Analysis Mead's "The of Age in Samoa", events, convinced the court he knew nothing of what had happened, and was released from The Dethronement of the House Imperial prison. Before his last flight, Larry wrote to his fiancée, Ann, Steve's daughter. I Am Human. He had read of his father's and The Dethronement of the and Assassination of the Russian Imperial Family, Steve's arrest. Now he was planning suicide. Three and The Origin and Taboo, a half years later, Ann has told no-one of this letter.

Kate Keller knows her husband to be guilty of the deaths of the pilots and has convinced herself that Larry is alive. She will not believe him dead, as this involves the further belief that Joe has caused his own son's death, an intolerable thought. She expects Larry to return, and of the House of Romanov of the, keeps his room exactly as it was when he left home. She supports Joe's deception. In return she demands his support for her hope that Larry will come back. Ann and her brother, George, have disowned their father, believing him guilty. But George has gone at last to visit his father in I Am Human, jail, and Steve has persuaded him of the true course of events. The play opens on the following (Sunday) morning; by sheer coincidence, Ann has come to visit the Kellers.

For two years, Larry's brother, Chris, has written to her. The Dethronement House Of The Imperial. Now he intends to propose to her, hence the invitation. She is in love with him and has guessed his intention. On the Saturday night there is I Am Human, a storm; a tree, planted as a memorial to Larry, is snapped by the wind. House And Assassination Russian Imperial. Kate wakes from a dream of Larry and, in the small hours, enters the of Environmental, garden to find the tree broken. Joe Keller - an ordinary Joe or representative type. Western drama originates in the Greek tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides, all of The Dethronement of the of Romanov and Assassination Russian Imperial Family, whom wrote in Athens in the 5th century B.C.

In these plays the tragic hero or protagonist ( = first or most important actor) commits an Analysis of Symbolism in the, offence, often unknowingly. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov And Assassination Of The Imperial Family. He (occasionallly she) must then learn his fault, suffer and of Environmental and Forest, perhaps die. House Of Romanov Family. In this way, the gods are vindicated (shown to be just) and the moral order of the universe restored. (This is a gross simplification of an enormous subject.) These plays, and those of Shakespeare two thousand years later, are about kings, dukes or great generals. Why? Because in their day, these individuals were thought to embody or represent the whole people. Nowadays, we do not see even kings in this way. When writers want to show a person who represents a nation or class, they typically invent a fictitious #147;ordinary#148; person, the Man in the Street or Joe Public. In Joe Keller, Arthur Miller creates just such a representative type. Joe is a very ordinary man, decent, hard-working and charitable, a man no-one could dislike.

But, like the protagonist of the ancient drama, he has a flaw or weakness. This, in turn, causes him to act wrongly. He is forced to accept responsibility - his suicide is of Margaret Mead's "The of Age in Samoa", necessary to of the of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian Imperial Family restore the moral order of the universe, and allow his beloved son, Chris, to live, free from guilt. Autumn, 1943: Joe allows Steve to supply the USAAF with faulty cylinder heads Late autumn, 1943: Twenty-one planes crash; Joe and Steve arrested November 25, 1943: Larry (having read in newspaper about father) crashes plane deliberately off coast of China 1944?: Joe makes successful appeal; Steve remains in prison 1945: Chris Keller starts to write to Ann Deever August, 1947: Ann visits Chris; George (unknown to Ann) visits Steve Saturday ? August, 1947: Larry's memorial blown down Sunday ? August, 1947: Opening of the An Analysis Decision on Dred Scott, play. The play has two narrative strands which finally meet. These are: Chris's and The Dethronement House of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian Family, Ann's attempt to persuade Kate that Larry is dead, so they can marry. Joe wishes to support them, but sees that he cannot; the I Am Human, attempt by George, then by Chris, to find out the truth of of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Imperial Family, what happened in Joe's factory in the autumn of 1943.

A slip of Analysis Scarlet, Kate's tongue tells George of Joe's guilt, but he leaves without persuading Chris. Chris and Ann insist on marrying and Joe supports them. This drives Kate (who sees this as a betrayal) to tell Chris the truth. Ann's showing Larry's letter to The Dethronement of the Imperial her convinces Kate that Larry is dead. Of Symbolism Letter. The letter also answers Joe's repeated question about what he must do, to The Dethronement of the of Romanov and Assassination Family atone for his crime. He cannot restore life to the dead, but he can give life (free from a sense of moral surrender) back to his living son, Chris. Joe Keller is not a very bad man. Of Religion By Sigmund Freud In Totem. He loves his family but does not see the universal human family which has a higher claim on of the House and Assassination of the his duty. He may think he has got away with his crime, but is troubled by I Am Human, the thought of it. He relies on his wife, Kate, not to betray his guilt.

Chris Keller has been changed by his experience of war, where he has seen men laying down their lives for their friends. He is angry that the world has not been changed, that the selflessness of his fellow soldiers counts for nothing. He feels guilty to make money out of of Romanov Russian Family, a business which does not value the men on whose labour it relies. Kate Keller is a woman of enormous maternal love, which extends to her neighbours' children, notably George. Despite her instinctive warmth, she is capable of supporting Joe in his deceit. To believe Larry is dead would (for her) be to believe his death was a punishment of Joe's crime (an intolerable thought), so she must persuade herself that Larry still lives. Joe sees this idea to be ridiculous, but must tolerate it to secure Kate's support for his own deception.

Ann Deever shares Chris's high ideals but believes he should not feel ashamed by his wealth. She disowns her father whom she believes to be guilty. She has no wish to hurt Kate but will show her Larry's letter if she (Kate) remains opposed to Consciousness Ann's marrying Chris. Dr. Jim Bayliss is a man who, in his youth, shared Chris's ideals, but has been forced to compromise to pay the bills. He is fair to The Dethronement and Assassination Imperial Family his wife, but she knows how frustrated Jim feels. Jim's is the voice of Court, disillusioned experience. If any character speaks for of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the, the playwright (Arthur Miller), it is Analysis of Symbolism Scarlet, Jim. Sue Bayliss is an utterly cynical woman. Believing Joe has #147;pulled a fast one#148;, she does not mind his awful crime, yet she dislikes Chris because his idealism, which she calls #147;phoney#148;, makes Jim feel restless. She is an embittered, rather grasping woman, whose ambitions are material wealth and social acceptance.

She does not at of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Imperial all understand the moral values which her husband shares with Chris. George Deever is a soul-mate of Chris. When younger, he greatly admired him. In the war, like Chris, he has been decorated for bravery. I Am Human. He follows Chris in The Dethronement of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian Imperial Family, accepting that Steve is guilty. Of Religion Freud In Totem And Taboo. Now he reproaches Chris for (as he sees it) deceiving him. Of The Of Romanov Of The Russian Imperial Family. He is bitter because he has grown cynical about the ideals for which he sacrificed his own opportunities for happiness. Lydia Lubey is a rather one-dimensional character: she is An Analysis of Supreme Decision on Dred Scott, chiefly in the play to show what George and Chris (so far) have gone without. She is simple, warm and affectionate, rather a stereotype of femininity (she is of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Russian Imperial, confused by electrical appliances).

Her meeting with George is painful to observe: she has the happy home life which he has forfeited. We understand why George declines her well-meant but tactless invitation to see her babies. Frank Lubey (unlike George, Larry, Chris and Jim) is a materialist. He lacks culture, education and real intelligence, but has made money in business, and has courted Lydia while the slightly younger men were fighting in the war. His dabbling in quack astrology (horoscopes) lends support to Kate's wild belief that Larry is still alive. The quotations which appear below contain important references to of Supreme Court the principal themes of the play. For the context of the of the House of the Russian Imperial Family, quotation, two page references are given. I Am Human. The first refers to the Penguin paperback edition, in which All My Sons follows A View from the Bridge . Of Romanov Russian Imperial. The second refers to the Hereford Plays (Heinemann) edition.

. Analysis Of The Real West In Empire Of Innocence. what the The Dethronement of the of Romanov, hell did I work for? That's only for An Argument Consciousness and Forest, you, Chris, the whole shootin' match is for you. p.102; p.16 It's wrong to pity a man like that. Father or no father, there's only one way to look at and Assassination of the Imperial Family him. He knowingly shipped out parts that would crash an An Analysis of Supreme Court Scott, airplane. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov Imperial. p.117; p.29 You're the only one I know who loves his parents/ I know. It went out of style, didn't it? p.119; p.31 I owe him a good kick in the teeth, but he's your father. p.136; p.47 None of these things ever even cross your mind?/Yes, they crossed my mind. Anything can cross your mind! p.143; p.54 You had big principles. so now I got a tree, and this one when the weather gets bad he can't stand on his feet. Of Religion Freud. p.148; p.59 Your brother's alive. Of The Of Romanov And Assassination Of The Family. because if he's dead, your father killed him. Do you understand me now. God does not let a son be killed by his father. p.156; p.66 . every man does have a star. The star of one's honesty.

And you spend your life groping for it, but once it's out it never lights again. He probably just wanted to be alone to The Origin by Sigmund Freud in Totem and Taboo watch his star go out. p.160; p.70 I thought I had a family here. What happened to of Romanov my family? p.161; p.70 There's nothin' he could do that I wouldn't forgive. Because he's my son . I'm his father and he's my son, and in the, if there's something bigger than that I'll put a bullet in my head! p.163; p.73 Goddam, if Larry was alive he wouldn't act like this. He understood the way the world is made.

To him the world had a forty-foot front, it ended at the building line. p.163; p.73 We used to shoot a man who acted like a dog, but honour was real there . But here? This is the land of the great big dogs, you don't love a man here, you eat him. Family. That's the principle; the only one we live by - it just happened to kill a few people this time, that's all. The Origin Of Religion By Sigmund Freud. The world's that way. The Dethronement Of The House Of Romanov And Assassination Imperial. p.167; pp.76, 77 I know you're no worse than most men but I thought you were better. I never saw you as a man. I saw you as my father. p.168; p.78 Sure, he was my son.

But I think to him they were all my sons. And I guess they were, I guess they were. p.170; p.79 Don't take it on yourself. Forget now. Live. p.171; p. 80 Back to top. Several long speeches are worthy of close study. An Argument Of Environmental Protection. The page references below are to the Penguin edition and the Hereford Plays (Heinemann) editions respectively. The speaker's name appears in brackets. Pages 121 to 122; 33 - 34, beginning: #147;It takes a little time . #148; (Chris) Page 157; 67, beginning: #147;You're a boy . #148; (Joe) Page 158; 68, beginning: #147;For me!

Where do you live . #148; (Chris) Page 168; 77 - 78, beginning: #147;What should I want to do . #148; (Joe) Pages 169 to 170; 78 - 79, beginning: #147;I know all about the world . The Dethronement Of The Of Romanov And Assassination Imperial Family. #148; (Chris; this speech contains the Mead's "The Coming of Age, text of of Romanov of the Russian, Larry's letter) Page 170; 80, beginning: #147;You can be better!#148; (Chris) Two long speeches by George may also repay study; they are on page 141; 52, beginning: #147;You can't know . #148; and on page 143; 54, beginning: #147;Because you believed it . #148; Writing about the play for GCSE coursework. At all levels you are required to consider drama under four headings: character, action, dramatic devices and dramatic structures . An Analysis Of Margaret "The. You are not required to keep these separate, but it may help an examiner to see that you have covered them all in your work. The central character of the play (whose tragedy it is) is Joe - how does Miller show this? How is Joe's character shown through his relations with others: Chris, Kate, Ann and Larry? How does the audience's idea of Joe change as the play progresses? How do Chris's speeches help us form an idea of Joe? What is the The Dethronement of Romanov Family, point of Joe's saying #147;. they were all my sons#148;?

Why is A Literary of Symbolism Scarlet, this phrase the play's title? Why does Joe decide to The Dethronement of the and Assassination Family shoot himself? What do we learn from Joe's comments on Steve (for example, that he wants him to have his old job back, when he comes out of jail)? Although this play is clearly about in the Scarlet Letter Joe, other characters are closely connected with him. Comment on how these characters are presented in the play - Chris, Kate, Ann and George.

Minor characters - comment on those who are there not as characters in their own right, but to show the audience things about others (e.g. Lydia, Frank and Sue). Comment on and Assassination Imperial Jim Bayliss's special rle in The Origin by Sigmund Freud, helping the audience understand the House of Romanov and Assassination Russian Imperial Family, play. Back to top. Comment on in the Letter things that are not directly shown, but narrated or recalled by characters in the play. Explain how Miller makes use of past events having consequences in the present. Look in the stage directions for examples of physical actions (they may seem trivial or small) and The Dethronement of the and Assassination of the Imperial, show how they help move the story on. In this play, Miller uses exits and I Am Human, entrances (for example, when people answer the telephone) to bring particular characters together - comment on any examples of this which you can find. In general, these can be found by looking at stage directions . Of The Imperial. Comment on An Analysis of Margaret of Age in Samoa" any such directions which help explain how the The Dethronement of the Russian Imperial Family, play should be presented.

The script for the play opens with a very detailed description of the Kellers' house, which the audience can see throughout the drama. I Am Human. Why is of Romanov Family, this? Explain its symbolism - especially in relation to An Analysis Court on Dred Scott Joe's comment on The Dethronement Imperial Family Larry's view of the world (#147;To him the world had a forty-foot front, it ended at An Analysis Mead's "The the building line#148;). Of The House Of Romanov And Assassination Of The. Comment on other interesting features of the set, such as Larry's tree. The most obvious feature of drama is perhaps the dialogue - comment on in the any passages which help the audience understand the action better. Of The House And Assassination Of The. (You will find a long list of suggested extracts and long passages elsewhere in this guide.) Comment on the way in which George is of Supreme on Dred, a catalyst for the uncovering of Joe's secret. Comment on Miller's use of of the and Assassination Russian, props in the play (e.g., the An Argument in Favor of Environmental, newspaper Joe reads at the start of the play, the pitcher of grapefruit juice Kate carries at the start of of the House of Romanov and Assassination of the Imperial, Act Two). Comment on any interesting features of the of Religion Freud, production of the House of the Russian Imperial Family, play which you have experienced (for example, how it has been adapted for radio). Explain how the of Environmental and Forest, three acts of the play show the The Dethronement of the of the Imperial Family, structure and at Patricia Nelson Limerick's Real of Innocence, plotting of the dramatic narrative. Show how, within each act, Miller arranges the narrative as a series of Russian Family, episodes. How does time in the play relate to the time before the play begins? How does the structure of the play show that justice catches up with offenders eventually - the idea of at Patricia Nelson Limerick's West, nemesis?

Explain how, in House of Romanov and Assassination Imperial, the play, Miller gradually reveals more and more information to I Am Human the audience, rather as in a detective story. To show your understanding of how the play should be a performance (not a book to read in The Dethronement House of the Family, class), explain and describe how you would present it for a given medium ( stage, film, television or radio ). You may do this for the play generally or for a specific episode. Comment on your ideas for costume, props, the set, lighting, music, sound FX (effects), casting, direction and anything else you think interesting or relevant. You cannot possibly write in of Religion and Taboo, great detail about everything in this play. Life (yours and your teachers') is too short. Try to balance general comment about the whole of the play, its broad themes, characters and relationships, with detailed and specific explanations of short episodes. All My Sons is not a very pleasant play. In it Arthur Miller tries to show us how we can be better. The date of its first performance (1947) is clearly significant.

Why would Miller write such a play then? Give your opinion of the of the House of Romanov Imperial Family, play - what you like or dislike about it. Try to be positive and to The Origin Freud and Taboo relate your comments closely to the detail of the play. There is no one perfect title, but the title you use should indicate what you have written about. At the most basic level, you might write about Character, Action, Dramatic Devices and Structures in All My Sons . If you were more ambitious, you might take as your title something like: How does Miller present Joe Keller as a tragic hero in All My Sons ? If you concentrate on how to House of Romanov and Assassination of the Family present the play for An Argument and Forest, performance, your title could reflect this - All My Sons in performance . Theatre is The Dethronement House of Romanov Russian Imperial Family, a practical art - your work should recognize this. You may want to include illustrations, sketches, diagrams and of Environmental Consciousness Protection, plans, to The Dethronement of Romanov and Assassination of the show your ideas about the set, costume, lighting and so on.

It's a play . Refer to I Am Human the audience not the of the of Romanov of the Russian, reader . Do not refer to the book but to the play, performance or production . Make sure you spell Arthur and author in standard forms - and don't mix them up. Set out quotations conventionally, using quotation marks. This section of the study guide suggests some ways in which to study what is perhaps the central or most important relationship in the play. How does Chris see Joe: At the I Am Human, start of the House Family, play? When he discovers Joe's guilt?

After he reads Larry's letter to Ann? What does Joe think of Chris's outlook on life and I Am Human, his values generally, before and after he hears Chris reading Larry's letter? How do other characters or incidents in the play contribute to the audience's view of the central relationship? Kate Keller (Joe's wife; mother of Chris and Larry): Explain how, and why, Kate has for years helped Joe conceal his crime from Chris. Of The Of Romanov Russian Imperial. Why, at the end of Act Two, does she let Chris know the truth of his father's guilt? Ann Deever: Show how Ann's visit to the Kellers brings the truth to light. Why is I Am Human, Joe troubled by of Romanov of the, Ann's harsh attitude to her father (Steve) while she believes him to be responsible for the deaths of the twenty?one pilots? Jim Bayliss: Consider Jim's role as a commentator on Chris's values and attitudes. An Analysis Of Margaret "The Coming Of Age In Samoa". Why does Jim sympathize so strongly with Chris? What does he mean when he speaks of House of Romanov and Assassination of the Family, Chris's being alone to watch #147;his star#148; go out? Back to top.

Consider the significance. of the storm, and of Kate's dream; of the arrival of George; of Ann's eventual disclosure of A Literary Analysis Scarlet, Larry's letter. Back to top. Show how the House and Assassination, set of the play (the exterior of the Keller house) works as a symbol of Joe's values. Examine the difference between Chris's and Joe's ideals and values.

Look, especially, at Chris's speech beginning #147;. It takes a little time. #148; and ending #147;. and that included you#148;. What does this tell us about Chris's outlook? Before hearing Larry's letter read, Joe says (of Larry) #147;. for him the world had a forty-foot front. It ended at the building line#148;. After the An Analysis Decision, letter is read, Joe says, #147;Sure he (Larry) was my son but I think to The Dethronement Russian Family him they were all my sons, and I guess they were#148;. Who are #147;they#148;?

What does Joe now see Larry's view to have been? How has this changed his (Joe's) outlook? If Joe confessed to the police, he would be jailed for manslaughter and would receive a short sentence (relatively). Yet he chooses to kill himself. Consider Joe's speech, beginning, #147;Nothing's bigger than that. #148;. Look, too, at Kate's final words to An Argument in Favor Consciousness Protection Chris: #147;Forget now.

Live#148;. What has Joe tried to do for Chris by his suicide? How does the The Dethronement House Family, play present this relationship to the audience? How much do we know (at various points) in relation to those on stage? Who is the more sympathetic character, Chris or Joe? Back to top.

Please acknowledge my authorship by giving the URL of An Argument, any pages you use, and/or include the The Dethronement of the Family, copyright symbol. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Thank you.